Sunday, July 26, 2009

Steps to Purchase Badminton Gear

When you think of sport, you better try badminton. It is a sport that can be played by both beginner and advanced player.

For the beginner, it is good to create strong relationships with your friend, family and love ones. You can play and enjoy the game in the beach, backyard or in the park. Badminton is also good for indoor game.

Before you start to play the game, you will need a badminton gear. These badminton gear include:
√ Badminton Nets
√ Badminton Posts
√ Badminton Rackets
√ Badminton Set
√ Badminton Shuttlecocks
You can add some more like headbands, wristbands, shoes and socks.

Here are some guidance when you decide to purchase a badminton gear.

For The Advance Player

1. As opposed to buy a set of badminton gear, you will need to buy separately. This way, you can have specific features that match the official badminton regulations and also suit to your self.

2. Purchase posts that 5 feet 1 inch height.

3. Buy a net that made from fine cord and make sure the net is between 15mm and 20 mm wide. The depth of the net must be 2 feet 6 inch. Ensure the top of the edged having a 3 inch white tape doubled over a cord through it.

4. Choose a shuttlecock that match your budget. There are 2 options of shuttles: one is nylon and another is authentic feather. For advanced player should go with authentic feathers.

5. Purchasing racket can be little bit confuse. Rackets are designed with many characteristics for different styles of play. There are power player whom relying on the smash and a skill player whom devoting to control and placement. Which ones is your type?

6. Last step is to make sure you get the right measurement of the racket. The frame and handle are not longer than 680mm and 230mm in width. The overall length of the head must be 290mm. The strung surface must be 280mm in length and 220mm in width.

For The Beginner

1. Purchase badminton equipment in sets, since the quality and the features are less important for what you need.

2. When purchasing badminton gear you need to make sure you get 2 – 4 rackets, extra shuttles, 2 posts and a net. That are the basic requirements to play the game.

3. Check on some sporting goods stores to get better deal. The price mostly will cost anywhere between $15 to $40.

Whether you are a beginner or advance, enjoy the game!